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Authorised Representative in Europe - EAR

Would you welcome an opportunity for the same marketing ease in Europe as you enjoy in your home market? Would you prefer investing your time and effort in sales rather than trying to understand the complex European product regulations and certification procedures? Then you will appreciate the service European Authorised Representative (EAR) offers to exporting companies: to focus fully on the business opportunities knowing that all pre-market and post-market regulatory issues are taken care of professionally by the technical and legal experts of this organisation.

How do you benefit from the service of EAR?

EAR is a regulatory representative for companies seeking to place their high quality products on the European market. This means that EAR offers you an office address in Europe, personal telephone and fax lines, and a staff to handle all inquiries. But the services does not begin and end with simple regulatory representation. EAR is also your business advocate in Europe. You can rely on the extensive working experience of the technical, legal and QA professionals to assist with the implementation of the specific European requirements while also solving technical and regulatory matters, both before and after the product is launched on the market.

EAR's warranty for its commitment is unique: EAR will go as far as effectively shielding you from product liability in Europe. Moreover, EAR takes on the final responsibility for European conformity of the product. In this way you will be assured of a total dedication, because EAR has a direct interest in full compliance and product liability in Europe.

Authorised representative

The European Commission has introduced the concept authorised representative in the European CE marking Directives. The Commission opens the possibility to let an authorized representative, on behalf of the manufacturer, deal with the product requirements and the conformity assessment procedures prescribed by the Directives. This means that the authorised representative is allowed to certify that the product complies with the applicable requirements, to compose a Technical File of all data that will prove the products' conformity, to issue a 'Declaration of Conformity', and keep all documentation available for market surveillance authorities. For certain products like medical devices it is even compulsory to have an authorised representative in Europe.

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